Much thanks to Pam for our new yellow baby Fred!! He is a great addition to our family!

Shannon Vincent-Ventura

Our "Lady" came from Humehill, on December 22nd of 2015. She has the calmest demeanor, of any dog I've ever seen!, and stunning physical characteristics. Oh, did I mention smart?

Kirk Hilts

We couldn't be more happier with the choice we made to bring home a Humehill puppy. He will be five in November and we couldn't love him more. Our veterinarian has always complemented us on how well he is, great temperament, and just his great "lines" (all around build from legs, hips, shoulders, etc.). Wonderful and knowledgeable breeders who are definitely breeding for betterment of the breed all together. The dogs who live on property are so happy, healthy, and clean. You can tell these breeders love their dogs and what they do.

Lisa Fieramusca

Simply the best in temperament, conformation and health.

Doug McMasters

Pam's pups are lovely. So smart, easy to train, great with kids and families.

Michelle Ryan