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Welcome To Humehill

What more can be said for such a wonderful breed of dog!

The Labrador Retrievers at Humehill have been selectively bred, nurtured and loved on our 4th generation family farm, located in the gently rolling hills of rural Western NewYork State.

At Humehill we strive to consistently produce beautiful Labrador Retrievers with classic English style, sweet loving temperaments, good health and outstanding trainability.

It has been both a pleasure and a privilege in my 30+ years as a breeder to have proudly loved, owned and produced many generations of these great Labradors. They have paved the way to many friendships. These friendships have included people from around the globe, 4-H kids, veterinarians, other breeders/dog owners, service dog clients, hunters, neighbors and many families that have acquired a Humehill Labrador Retriever. Our dogs live in almost every US State and some live as far away as the country of Japan.

After growing up surrounded by animals, assisting in their care and becoming a vet technician, our daughter, Chelsey, has chosen to follow the breeding path with sweet fluffy little Pomeranians as Humehill Jr.

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